Sunday, October 11, 2009

Polka Time, A Lutheran Party

Is it Ford truck month? GMC truck month? Cheve truck month? NO! It's October, and the good folks at Grace Lutheran Church are fighting back with Oktoberfest. A celebration of polka, sausage, and (root)beer.

Despite a cold breeze, the crowd showed up to take the month back from all the trucks.

The pit was blazing and the brats were sizzling.

Served up with kraut, German potato salad and for dessert, of course German chocolate cake. There wasn't much of a line at the rootbeer float table. Maybe a hot chocolate stand would have been more welcomed.

And for entertainment... POLKA!

Havlak-Batla provided the tunes. I even have one of their CD's. They tooted it up in English and German. There was even dancing. The Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey had everyone out of their seats.

No Beer on Sunday. Dancing, Pastor Pase and Doris Turner.

Before the evening was over, I ran home and got my CD. Now I have an autographed copy of Havlak-Batla's Good Memories. I'll bet there's not many people that can say that.

A fun time for all, and I think we showed the trucks who's the boss around here.

Let this be a warning to all vehicles, don't mess with the Lutherans!

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