Monday, October 5, 2009

Take care when choosing a weekend activity.

Last weekend was easy, I had the Stann's Fair. This weekend I could have attended some kind of ABBA event, a quilt show, or the opening of On Golden Pond at MCT (I should have picked this one because The Notebook wiped out my memory of the story, and everyone else says it's great.) But no I decided to stay home and play chemistry with my laundry.

A post on Lifehacker says I'm using too much soap for my towels. I dought that. I'm cheap, and for a large load, I use a little less than what's suggested for a small load. But to recharge my towels I needed to wash then with no soap and a cup of vinegar and then wash them again with half a cup of baking soda.

I'm game. As a child I made many volcanoes and, before I discovered gun powder, vinegar and baking soda was the king of special effects. Here's the final out come.

Both stacks have four hand towels and two bath towels. Sure the stack on the right looks fluffier, but that could simply be because the left stack had been in a closet for a few weeks. More telling was the water.

I washed them with soap first, and gave them a second rinse.

The second rinse was still full of soap.

I added no soap, just the vinegar and rewashed.

The soap foam was even thicker.

The last time around I added the baking soda.

All clear, looks like the soaps gone.

I'm not sure if my towels are recharged, but today I do feel 23% dryer (and after this weekend, 31% lamer.)

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  1. Ha HA! I love this blog post, and I love that you documented the steps with pictures!

    Charlotte D