Monday, October 19, 2009

The Summer MuMmers Annual Meeting

The Mummer's annual meeting is usually just another excuse for a party, but not this year! This year there was a political coup brewing. Tim was removed as president and kicked off the board. It looks like Marcy may have led this rebellion, and may take over as president. Michael was also placed on the board. This is no real surprise, as the location for this ambush was his back yard. Here's dramatic video of the throw down.

Ok, so I may have exaggerated a little. Tim's term was up. But listen to that crowd when Marcy is named as the possible president.

Yeah, I think she could lead a rebellion.

Scooter was named Distinguished Mummer of the Year.

And Stacy, er Staci was honored for all the work she did making over the green room.

Here's what the old green room looked like…

Yep, very green. And this is how it looks now...

You deserve a fancy piece of wood for that.

Other than the deserved prizes, Woody made sure everyone got something. It help cut down on the pouting.

Vests, t-shirts, and even fashionable H1N1 masks.

I think it is actually a thong, but Patrice was playing it safe.

Woody and Jerry manned the grill.

And the party carried on well into the night.

It turns out, the annual meeting was less of a political blood bath and more of an excuse for just one more Mummers party.

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  1. That's awesome. I hate that I had to miss it, but I had to work.