Tuesday, December 23, 2008




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Monday, December 22, 2008

Bottoms Up

Jon found his own bottle.

A Toast

Yvette and Danny fight over a bottle of bubbley.

My gifts

Cloths, salad drainer, photo album (that's like an old style blog for
you kids,) treats, and a candle.

Christina's Gifts

Buncha Obama

Danny's Gifts

Two DVD's

Gaydon's Gifts

Jewelry, frame, & a DVD.

Yvette's Gifts

Cloths and a DVD.

Jon's Gifts

A shirt and a doll.

Christmas lunch party!

Cooking the queso with a little help from Christina.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The AT&T gang

Thanks for all the toys! Christmas morning will be brighter for
hunbreds of kids because of all you give.

Bringing in the Toys.

AT&T making the last delivery of the day.

Toy Drive: AT&T

One of their two trucks of toys.

Thanks Curves!

Two of Santa's little helpers.

Curves Fills the Conference Room

There will be no meetings today.

Toy Drive: Nurses Unlimited

Nurses Unlimited of Odessa dropped off their goodies at the station.

Toy Drive: Halliburton

The crew from Halliburton stopped by with a truck bed full of toy and
bikes. Thanks!

NewsWest 9, Salvation Army Toy Drive: Big Monday

Today is the biggest drop off day for the toy drive. Jon Garcia is
playing the roll of photos this morning.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saying Bye to Dora and Diego

The line went all the way back to the front door, so by the time we got to Dora and Diego some of the excitment was gone.

I thing this one turned out the best.

Thanks to Dora, Diego, Santa, La Ley 104.7, Ashley Furniture Home Store, and everyone who brought toy for the NewsWest 9, Salvation Army Toy Drive.

My Niece Meeting Dora the Explorer

I'm not sure why Dora is holding her nose.

Mt. Toys

The small mountain of toys NewsWest 9 collected at Ashley Furniture Home Store.

Dora and Diego at the Toy Drive

They may be more popular then Santa.

The Santa Line

Christmas memories in the making.

Toy Drive 12/13

Getting ready for toy drive at Ashley Furniture Home Store. Santa will be showing up at any minute.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

NewsWest 9, Salvation Army Toy Drive Thank You's

A big thanks to Paige Fulton and everyone at SkyWest airport for having us out. Thank you to Midland's EAA, the DPS, Air Vac Lifestream, and everyone else who brought out toys. They're overflowing the studio and making their way down the NewsWest 9 halls. Thanks to the Salvation Army for all the help (we should have accepted your offer to help transport all the toys, the van was packed on the way back to the station.) The chili and fajitas were delicious. Thanks to Michael Clinton and all who shared their secret recipes. And a special thanks to Steve Clinton, and all the pilots who took us for a rides in the skies. This Toy Drive couldn't be a success with out all of your generous hearts. Thanks.

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My Flight at the Toy Drive

Taking off and first fly-by.

Another fly-by with some stange guy in the middle of the runway.

A higher fly-by and you get to see the controls

And finaly the landing.

Toy Drive Helicopters

Here's video of the Air Vac Lifeteam chopper landing.

And the DPS helicopter taking off.

I should kept rolling, he made a pass with the siren on. Too cool.

Final load of toy

Toy count: lots.

Just plane fun

Danny Lopez shooting a take off.

And the DPS takes off

A chopper with a siren. You don't wanna get pulled over by this guy.

Chowin' down back on the ground

Still time to come out. Fajitas and chili for all.

Flying High!!!

I need to put my phone in airplane mode.

Loading Up, For Going Up

Pilot Steve Clinton readies the plane for our flight.

Colorful Cooking

Michael Clinton cooking fajita vegi's

DPS Helicopter Lands At The Toy Drive

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NewsWest 9 ToyDrive at SkyWest Airport

Come on out!
Today (Saturday, December 6th) 10:00am - 2:00pm

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Day Twelve, Cruise Christmas Lights. CHECK

And that music you hear is playing over fm from their house. A big sign says "Tune to 90.3fm."
Twelve days of a purposeful vacation. Now it's back to work (and on a Saturday.)
Tomorrow, the NewsWest 9 Toy Drive Fly In.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day Nine, Chrismas Shopping. 78% CHECK

Only 4 more to buy for & I know what 3 of them are getting.
(If Lonnie has 77.8% of his shopping done and only has 4 more gifts to buy, how long is his original Christmas list?)