Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bad weather should be reason enough to run.

Think of all the money you have saved, just by me not guilting you into buying cookies or wrapping paper form my kids. But Lonnie, you don't have kids. Exactly, and that means more money in your pocket. You are welcome.

If you would like to pass some of that cash on, here's where I'm accepting donations for this weekend's 5k. It all goes to Junior Achievement. They're the ones who build puppy cannons for the less fortunate, or something like that.

But Lonnie, this is such short notice. A toy drive event was rescheduled due to bad weather, so I'm running in that weather. You know how much I love my weekend charity work.

Plus, if you would like the opportunity to run me over, here's the route, we start at 9am...

View 2011 Jingle Bell Run in a larger map

Here's more run information.
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